Vemma Scam | Nothing but the Truth!

Is there a Vemma Scam?

vemma scamYou landed on this website because you are looking to see if all the rumors are true about the Vemma Scam claims you see floating around on the internet. Or you could be looking to join and just want to make sure Vemma Scam claims are not true. Either way I want to congratulate you for taking the time to investigate the Vemma Scam claims. Many people will jump right into an opportunity thinking it’s a quick way to make money. And when these people realize that it’s not a get rich quick deal, they quit and then run around writing negative Vemma Scam claims on the internet. Try to stay far, far away from these type of people. These same people do not have a clue what they are talking about.

Are the Vemma Scam Claims True?

The answer is “NO”. There is not Vemma Scam going on. A real scam would be a company that has no real products to sell and is just moving money back and forth. If you see a company with no products, run away from this very fast. Vemma is a legitimate direct selling multi level marketing company that has a product called Verve energy drink. The company is located in Scottsdale Arizona with a 25,000 square foot distribution center, and operates out of a 26,000 square foot office in the same location. The health and nutrition industry does over a trillion dollars in sales each year, and Vemma is selling over $1 billion dollars in retail sales of the Verve drink. There is a 30 day money back guarantee of the Verve energy drink. Also is a trial in home evaluation of the Vemma nutrition program and business. So it’s impossible for there to be a real Vemma Scam since the company is dealing with a real product and markets that product with direct selling.

No Vemma Scam, Are People Not Having Success?

We know that there is no Vemma Scam, and we know that there are thousand of people who are making over 5 figures each month, then why are so many still failing at the business? This is a great question, and it’s very simple to explain. Most people who get involved with Vemma do not have a belief in themselves. Without this belief it’s going to be hard to retail the products. Other people will sense you do not truly believe in yourself and the products and will always say no to your offer. This also makes it difficult to recruit others and build a solid team inside your Vemma business. Retailing and recruiting others to retail is the only way you will have any success with Vemma. The other reason you see people failing is a lack of marketing skills. Its not that difficult to market the Vemma products and it’s only going to take a few marketing skills to get the job done. To be a big success you’re going to need to learn how to present a company video or presentation to new people on a daily basis. New people need to always be in your sales funnel, and a few basic marketing skills will get you the leads you need.

We Now Know There Is No Vemma Scam, But How Can I Make Money?

Another great question, because you may have seen top leaders in the company walking across the stage to accept their huge paychecks. These are the Vemma leaders you want to model after and do exactly what they do. All the top producers us a system to brand themselves as leaders and then generate fresh new leads each day. Most of these same top leaders will generate between 20-30 new leads each and every day. Do you want to plug into the same system the top Vemma leaders are using to build their huge downlines and earn 5 figures on a monthly basis? Well then go ahead and sign up! You won’t be sorry!